Urgent: Liberal Media Shocked to Discover Christians Exist in Wisconsin (This is Beyond Parody)!

By Rep. Jesse Kremer

June 8, 2017, Madison, Wisconsin

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Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) issued the following statement regarding the elitist media losing their minds over someone with a different opinion.

“I appreciate the concerns of my Democrat colleagues and the liberal media for providing some well-timed lightheartedness and comedic relief with their inquiries and stories related to a vital policy issue – the age of the earth. Wisconsin has completely skipped fake news and progressed to no news. Apparently this crisis trumps the need to report on the increase in shootings, carjackings, or the drug epidemic, and our Republican led solutions.

Interestingly enough, my hypothesis regarding the need for 1st amendment and free expression protections on our college campuses was made abundantly clear by the left’s unhinged attacks following the reporting on a different point of view.”

After comical media reports detailing the serious policy discussion that ‘Jesse Kremer believes in a young universe’, the left’s internet rage machine was turned on as vitriol and hate spewed forth, just as is done towards conservatives on college campuses.  A virtual shout down campaign calling him a “raging lunatic”, an “f***ing idiot”, a “colostomy sack”, requests that Rep. Kremer go out and kill himself and even assassination threats on him and his family all proved the point – legislators must ensure that the free exchange of ideas are allowed to be fostered on university campuses without the fear of threat for expressing those ideas. What happens to a UW geology student who is a creationist?  What happens to the student who hands out a copy of the Bill of Rights or a Bible on the campus?  What happens to a meteorology major who defies global warming as “settled science”?  Simply because one doesn’t elicit their belief system means, once again, that differing beliefs and viewpoints shall not be heard.

Even more fantastical though, is the fact that the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a paradoxical bastion of freedom that exudes a lacking coexist mentality, also weighed in.  Annie Laurie Gaylor told a Madison AP reporter that, Rep. Kremer, an “ignorant creationist”, is a bad choice to sit on the Assembly Colleges and Universities committee.  Limiting Christians, Jews, Muslims, or others of faith from serving in government due to their religious beliefs is absurd, and they know it.

“As one who is fighting to preserve our constitutional rights and liberties, I am highly appreciative that Rep. Berceau, Annie Gaylor, and the elitist media not only gave me a platform to proclaim my faith and personal, deeply held beliefs, but quite plainly proved our point regarding the need to ensure that 1st amendment freedoms are fostered and protected within the State of Wisconsin, especially at our institutions of higher learning where commonly held truths and facts should be challenged. I’m calling on my colleagues, Republican and Democrat alike, to take up real policy like the Campus Free Speech Act, and stand up for the 1st amendment.”

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