Meet Jesse Kremer

Why Should I Support This Guy?

First and Foremost, Jesse is Grounded in Reality!
Jesse had never been in elected office until 2015.  He has served oversees in the “War on Terror”,  volunteers as a Kewaskum EMT and firefighter, operates a small single-employee school diploma business, manages two small rental homes in West Bend with his wife (purchased after cashing in some 401k dollars), and still pilots aircraft part time at the West Bend airport. Jesse understands what it means to make sacrifices, work hard and live within his family’s means.

Secondly,  Jesse is a Dedicated Employee and Works Diligently for His Constituents
Prior to being elected, there were skeptics who commented that Jesse would be “eaten alive” in Madison due to his “lack of political expertise”.  In fact, just the opposite has occurred.  Jesse has taken on challenges that strained friendships at times and a few that were controversial to the left side of the media, but they were the right thing to do.  He has proven himself as an honest, hardworking representative with the highest sense of integrity and duty to his constituents.

Finally, Jesse Will Listen to Anyone on Any Issue
Jesse is not afraid to discuss concerns with any constituent, no matter the point of view or the subject. As a matter of office policy, he prefers to make personal telephone calls to citizens who contact the office rather than mailing form letters or sending email replies.

Who Are Some of Jesse’s Supporters?








Republican, former Lieutenant Governor Margaret Farrow
Retired Washington County Sheriff Robert Schulteis
Retired Hartford Mayor Jim Core

What is Jesse’s Background?

familyJesse Kremer was born in 1977, and raised in a strong, loving Christian household by former parochial grade school principal, small business owner, and author Reynold Kremer and former school teacher and stay-at-home mom Edith Kremer.  Jesse grew up with three other siblings.  His parents worked tirelessly to put all four children through Christian grade schools and Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (KML) in Jackson.  Jesse graduated from high school with high honors, was the student council president, National Honor Society member, and selected as one of the youth directors for the Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin marching band in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Jesse flipped thousands of burgers at McDonalds to follow his dream of becoming a pilot.  Jesse graduated at the top of his class and made the Dean’s list during his tenure at Fox Valley Technical College’s (FVTC) Professional Pilot Training Program.


In August of 2001, Jesse became an airline captain with regional airline Midwest Connect in Milwaukee.  The following month, he married his lovely wife, Janet.

Jesse can tell you exactly what it was like to be a captain at an airline in the days following the aftermath of September 11.  He immediately began contemplating the idea of serving our country to preserve our liberties and maintain a safe and free future for his family.  In June of 2002, Jesse enlisted in Wisconsin’s Army National Guard 832nd air ambulance unit based at the West Bend Airport.  PFC Jesse Kremer graduated from the Army’s Flight Operations Specialist training at the top of his class as the Distinguished Honor Graduate.  Immediately following his training, Jesse was deployed to Iraq to serve with the initial wave of soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Shortly after his return six months later, Jesse and Janet’s first daughter was born.

Jesse was employed as a pilot for eight years with Midwest Connect.  In 2008, Midwest Airlines closed their wholly owned subsidiary.  Jesse did utilize unemployment benefits for several weeks, but was willing to work any job available to stay afloat and be certain that his family was taken care of.  Jesse attended the police recruit academy at the Waukesha County Technical College, and has dispatched for nearly two years with the Elm Grove Police Department.  An entrepreneur at heart, Jesse and his wife Janet began three small businesses to include a cloth diaper company, website design company, and school diploma sales and manufacturing.  Jesse and Janet even tried a stint at aerial photography on the weekends for a year.

Jesse has always believed in community service.  While working full time at the airline, Jesse joined the Germantown Fire Department and attended classes part time to became a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician for the Village of Germantown.  He continued his service as a part time day shift EMT even after he moved out of Germantown.  Today, when Jesse is not flying a charter for West Bend Air – his part time employer, he is still serving 24/7 as volunteer firefighter, EMT, and fire inspector for the Village of Kewaskum where the Kremer family resides.

Jesse did not have any political aspirations until it became quite clear that liberty and freedom were rapidly eroding in our country – something he had joined the military to preserve.   He is of the minority opinion among many established politicians that government is no longer of the people or accountable to the people -  it is now over the people.  Jesse feels that although the nation is sliding as a whole, the great State of Wisconsin is becoming a beacon and shining example to the other 49 states.

Jesse is a solid pro-life conservative and strong 2nd amendment supporter. He will be a staunch defender of freedom in the State Assembly and believes that if we the people need to live within our means, then so should our elected officials.  Jesse knows what it means to live paycheck to paycheck.  “Governor Walker and the state legislature have gotten the jobs ball rolling, now we need to keep that momentum moving by continuing to send solid pro-job conservatives to Madison.”  Jesse believes that as a state “only those who risk going too far will truly know how far they can go.”  Let’s build on our successes over the past several years and continually strive to make Wisconsin the greatest state in the nation.

“I can guarantee that if re-elected, there will continue to be a proud, youthful, passionate voice of fiscal sanity and common sense representing the 59th Assembly District in Madison!”